1980        University of California at Berkeley,  Berkeley, Ca
1982Painting with Acrylics, Fort Mason, CA
1990Figurative Painting, Fort Mason, CA
2004Drawing with Pastels
       California College of Arts and Crafts
2004Oil and Acrylic Painting
       California College of arts and Crafts
2006Drawing with Pastels
     California College of Arts and Crafts
Member since 2000
1995 Gay Artist's Alliance
San Francisco, Ca
1993 Arts Relief Program, Oakland, CA
1993Continuum, San Francisco, Ca
I studied architecture at UC Berkeley and graducated with a BA in Environmental Design. Since then I've practiced architecture, interior and graphic design and fine art in the bay area.

My subjects include portraits, landscapes, pets and male figurative images. I express the passion I find in my subjects with color and texture and render shade and shadow to emphasize light. I think of shapes as topography, no matter what the subject is.
DAVIDBARNETTART   415-505-5466
In 2008 David Leddick published three of my figurative paintings in two of his pictorial anthologies, “The Nude Male 21st Century Visions” and “Gorgeous Gallery.” David included the following with the paintings:

“Boldly impressionist and highly charged with color, David Barnett is the 21st century’s connection back to artists of the turn of the last century like Renoir. The human form is his subject but he finds shapes and colors there through his artist’s eye that reveal to us things not seen or noticed before.”

Several years ago I adopted a mixed breed dog and named her Kama. As a result of completing her portrait I embarked on my pet portrait business, PetPicasso.Net with Karma as the CEO (Canine Executive Officer.) I’ve included many of the commissions on this site.